Hot News

We are really excited as we are now licensed Louise Hay ‘You can Heal Your Life’ teachers. As experienced teachers, we feel this will add to what we offer to allow you to create a fabulous, happy and fulfilled life.

We are hosting our Louise Hay Movie Evening. It is a great chance to meet up with like minded people and see this inspirational movie. Click here for details.

We now offer You Can Heal Your Life 2 day Workshop – click here for further information

Look out for our new courses:

*Ordering From the Cosmic Kitchen
*Ideal Life Work Course
*Money and Consciousness
*Say Yes to Your Dreams

More details to follow… happy days!!

Click here to see our latest blog on Labrys Ascension Meditation.

Great news!! We have an offer on our fabulous cards – free postage worldwide!!! Click here for details…..

What can Labrys do for you……..?

Do you want help finding your purpose?

Do you want to connect to your joy?

Do you want to go within and find the authentic you?

Do you want to know why you are here?

We can help with the Labrys Curriculum:

Labrys Ascension Therapy
for deep healing and connection to your own soul.

Labrys Ascension Mediation
to go within and discover the authentic you

Labrys Ascension Cards
for Divination and Guidance on your path.

Aura Soma Consultations
what is your purpose?
what are your gifts, talents and challenges?
how are you doing with that now?
what are you drawing towards you in the future?

CranioSacral Therapy
gentle hands on therapy for physical, emotional and spiritual healing.

Louise Hay – You Can Heal Your Life Course.
learn how to truly love yourself to heal.
Its incredible, powerful and it works.

More to come in 2013:

Labrys Ascension Guided Meditation CD

Labrys Ascension Crystals