About Us

Hi I’m Megan

My absolute passion is for teaching self development and inspiring others to find their own way and joy in life – whatever is right for them. This passion comes from my own journey of discovering self empowerment in my life and how good it feels. I’m happy to share what I’ve learned. My toolbox of gifts allows me to work with groups or one to one.

I offer:
– Louise Hay ‘You Can Heal Your Life Courses’

– Labrys Ascension Therapy (Spiritual Development and healing for yourself)

– Labrys Ascension Meditation

– Upledger CranioSacral Therapy (gentle hands on soft tissue work)

– Aura Soma Consultations (Why are you here, what are your gifts, where am I now)

*Mediumship (channelled speaking and writing)

My journey really began in 1992 when I learned Transcendental Meditation as my life was incredibly stressed and unhappy. I had to ‘breakdown to breakthrough’ and spent the following seven years finding the ‘real me’. I discovered Louise Hays ‘You Can Heal You Life’ book and deep forgiveness work helped me to move forward. I explored natural therapies and learned Reiki to assist the process. I studied Upledger CranioSacral Therapy which enabled me to make deep and profound changes to heal. It also taught me the strong ethics that you are in charge of your own healing and the teacher/therapist is a facilitator to hold the space and allow the process to unfold. This carries through strongly in all my work today. It’s where the magic can happen.

My corporate background from management, field sales and finally commission only sales, gives me a broad spectrum of skills and understanding of work issues. I am a recovered workaholic!

In 2010 I started working with Emma Simmonds in our business partnership Labrys. Labrys means transforming the new from the old – which is what we do. Our work goes from strength to strength and the exciting adventure continues…… I encourage you to start your own adventure – it is worth it.

Hi I’m Emily

I am passionate about inspiring people to open their hearts to a new way of living and being. By guiding people to free their dreams and passions, they can empower themselves to live a joy filled life. I teach workshops and perform therapies. By sharing ideas and tools that create positive change, I show how daily life can unfold in wonderful and exciting ways. For this work I have gained many tools to help people on a group level and one to one.

They include:
Labrys Ascension Therapy,
Labrys Ascension Meditation, Heal Your Life Workshop Teacher, Upledger CranioSacral Therapy
Aura Soma Consultations
Energy Clearing – Houses/People
Spell Removal

Through working in retail, factories and my own businesses I have gained useful skills and experience, which add extra depth to my life and work.

My spiritual journey of discovery started as a child. I had a very strong connection to the spirit world, along with came an inner knowing that I would grow up to be a healer. This connection inspired me to read many books on a wide variety of spiritual subjects. In my twenties I started to meditate and began opening up my abilities more by doing Spiritual Healing, Energy Clearing and Tarot.

During difficult times in my life I found that healing and the books/work of Louise Hay along with meditation, helped to turn my life around. This led to new opportunities to work with Mags O’Brien and Labrys began.